Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is it happening?....

Is it true? Has Summer actually ended? Are we actually starting the Fall Semester at Peabody? It would appear that it's actually happening... While details are hazy, I do distinctly recall hearing four hours of ensemble auditions the other day... and my teaching calendar does seem to have actual lessons scheduled on it. Alright, I'm a believer - let's do this thing!

This year is going to be an action-packed one at Peabody Bassland as per usual. 22 bass students will be haunting our little square block in Baltimore this Fall, attending classes and generally being amazing. As things are currently structured, there will be either a recital, solo repertoire class, or teaching day with Hal Robinson once every two weeks. And that's just for starters - once students begin scheduling degree recitals, playing in chamber groups, and thinking up other crazy projects, the schedule will grow even denser. And that's not counting all the weekly lessons, orchestra classes, and orchestra rehearsals.

As with last year, our four days of classes with Philadelphia Orchestra Principal Bass Hal Robinson will no doubt end up as highlights this year. While the class details are still being finalized, we're pretty excited about the topics and concepts that he will be addressing with all of us. And I do mean all of us, faculty and student alike - I have absorbed some great new ideas myself from hearing what Hal is exploring in his own playing. Check our Facebook page for all the details regarding Hal's classes - many portions are open to the public and well worth checking out.But Hal's not the only excitement we've got going on. As mentioned before, Peabody bass students are a busy bunch, full of plots and schemes. I'm quite certain they'll be cooking up some good stuff! As far as scheduled good stuff, be sure to make a note of our four departmental bass recitals, on October 17th, December 5, March 6, and April 17th. We'll keep you posted here and on Facebook as other events get scheduled.