Tuesday, November 27, 2007


by JW

Via the omnipresent Jason Heath, I just discovered this wonderful blog by psychoanalyst Mike Jolkovski examining the psychology of musical groups and of musicians in general. This topic fascinates me and I definitely plan to keep reading this blog. Check out especially this post comparing entrepreneurs and musicians, and this Venn diagram, which pretty much says it all.

I especially like this bit about musicians:

They need to march to a different drummer — in some cases, a whole different rhythm section – but they also have a deep need for affirmation that can make them painfully insecure, and afraid when they do get success and applause that it’s really all b.s., that they have fooled everybody.

I think almost every musician out there can identify with the moment after the recital or audition when people are showering you with praise and you have to force yourself to smile and say thanks, thinking all along, "Who are these people? Didn't they hear the eighth notes in bar 19 and the intonation lapses in the cadenza???"

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