Thursday, February 28, 2008

I love Hella Frisch

I know that many PBDB readers may already be aware of it, but one of the finest classical music blogs out there is Hella Frisch. Calgary Philharmonic bassist Matt Heller's musings on all things bassistic are fascinating. Matt has blogged through both sides of the audition process, from being in New World through to his current gig in Canada, and he's a great writer. Plus, any bass nerd who can drop some Persepolis references is a winner in my book!

His latest on some great yoga/musician connections is a must-read...


Matt Heller said...

Thanks so much Jeff! I love the Peabody Double Bass Blog too, and I'm just about to put it up on my links list.


Joe Lewis said...

I concur - Matt is a fine blogtender.